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Asian model showing hair and makeup by Sheila

Our Asian Bridal packages now bring in a diverse and dynamic skill set to Claire Wallace Hairdressing.  We cater not only for the Asian community but a wide range of ethnicities including Indian, Pakistani, Arabic, Turkish, Iranian and Afghan.

Welcoming Sheila as a new artist to the team, she can now offer and create a variety of stunning Bridal looks for all your different occasions Engagement, Walima, Mendhi, Wedding day, Registry and any pre-wedding functions.

Trials / Consultation

At Claire Wallace Hairdressing, we recognise the trial as being such an important part of our wedding service and as such, Sheila will spend 2/ 3 hours as part of the consultation process to listen to your needs. By revealing her large combination portfolio of commercial/ magazine and real bridal looks, she will help to create a style that’s unique for you. Sheila will take into consideration your personality, outfit, hair type and preferred makeup style. The look can be adjusted in different ways until you feel comfortable with everything. Once you have finalised the style, Sheila will then document the procedure by taking notes and photographs so it can be perfectly replicated on the wedding day.

On the wedding day

Asian bride with hair and makeupOn the morning of your big day, Sheila will arrive at your chosen location, home or venue, to set up and recreate your chosen look in a fun and relaxed manner. Thereafter, she will help you dress with dupatta and jewellery setting. Only when her bride feels 100% happy and has the look and feel of the Bride of their dreams will she feel her job is done….. So now is the time to sit back, enjoy the moment and get ready in style for the most special day of your life.

We also cater for other family members’ mums, Bridesmaids, sisters and all other guests. Extra assistants will attend for group bookings at no extra cost to you

Of course, there’s no need to wait for a special occasion to look your best, we also offer our Hair and Makeup services for everyday wear. Just contact us to arrange an appointment.

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