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Top Tips for Brides with Anxiety

Planning a wedding can be a stressful time which may cause you to have anxiety about your big day, I have created a list of top tips to help you deal with this.


  1. Take lots of days off…whether its to get on with wedding to dos or just to have a day for you chilling or treating yourself to a coffee and cake… enjoy the process, rather than stressing over the little things. It’s good to step back and solve certain problems again a bit later on with a clearer mind.
  2. Talk about your concerns- talking always helps whether its with a family member or friend.. getting things that are worrying you out in the open helps you to put things into perspective.
  3. Take away things that make you more anxious whether this is caffeine, alcohol, sugar….. What ever may make your anxiety worse, it is worth cutting out or minimising the amount you have when your planning your wedding. 
  4. With anxiety often comes a thought of wanting everything to be perfect, some anxious brides may worry that their wedding won’t be as good as the ones they see on the internet, magazines, or blogs. Remember that you shouldn’t feel you have anything and everything you see online. A wedding should be a reflection of you and your partner.
  5. I highly recommend the book The Anxiety solution by Chloe Brotheridge this really worked for me with anxiety in everyday life and I think it will help too if you have anxiety about your wedding.

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