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Stunning Wedding Venues

Working within the wedding world I get to visit some amazing places and see lots of different wedding venues… If I was getting married I would not know where to start as I have seen some absolutely stunning places. I did a bit of research the other day looking at loads of different venues to create a blog post for you amazing brides to help you out if you are struggling to find the right place for you. I have created a list of my personal favourites that I have stumbled upon.

  1. Preston Court-This place really caught my attention its Located in Canterbury kent, At this venue there are steam engines, fairground rides,a victorian carousel,musical organs, a gothic style oast house and many more amazing things to see. Check it out here
  2. DreamLand– This venue is in Margate Kent and it is so unusual and fun there is a Ballroom, Hall by the sea, Tree top bar,Roller disco, Tivoli garden and even a Rooftop bar… if this sounds like your kind of thing check it out here
  3. Port lympne Wild Animal Park and Mansion– This venue is so amazing I have done a few weddings here before there is a Beautiful mansion and an awesome animal park… you can also stay in many different locations round the park, I was lucky enough a few years ago to be treated by my boyfriend to stay in a pod next to the wolfs and tigers!!.  You can also stay in a safari tent which looks over many african animals it is absolutely beautiful, then there is a treehouse, a bear lodge, a cottage And a 4 star hotel.. I Would highly recommend Port Lympne.
  4. Everyman Screen on the Green– Why not have your wedding at a Cinema in London, this is one of the oldest cinemas in the UK and you would be walking down the same aisle that the Sex pistols and Clash have walked down. If this is for you check out here
  5. The Bell Inn–  This Brilliant venue is in Ticehurst East sussex I have been here to do many weddings before it is one of my favourite venues to date. The Bell is the perfect backdrop for a quirky wedding and it has 7 quirky rooms to stay in after including three extraordinary lodges and
    one Love Nest, set in their own gardens around a giant fire pit. theres a few different rooms and a garden to celebrate in one of my favourite rooms is the dining room it has a long table that is dropped in to the floor… you can even walk down the table once you are married!  To find out more check it out here

    These images below are from a wedding I did last year for the amazing Carley that got married at The bell. Images by Nicola Kirk Photography.

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