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Essential Items For Your wedding day.

  1. Blotting papers- Blotting papers are amazing to take away shine, just pat the paper onto the face in the areas you are shiny on the face.
  2. .Lipstick to top up- If you are having your makeup done for your wedding, get your makeup artist to tell you the name of the lipstick they have used and then you can get some for yourself to top up throughout the day.
  3. loose translucent powder- I love loose powder, it helps to set your makeup and town down shine, If you tend to get shiny then it might be worth getting a small loose powder to pop into your bag so you can dust this over your face later on in the day.
  4. Tissues or a handkerchief- If you are super emotional, particularly when it comes to weddings like me then its a great idea to take a small pack of tissues or a handkerchief with you.











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