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Hot weather beauty tips

I have absolutely loved the sunshine that has decided to show his face recently… soooo amazing! I thought I would create a list of Beauty tips and tricks to help with the hot weather.

  1. toner spray…. my favourite at the moment is Eau Roma Water by lush I use this on my brides all the time, it is also absolutely amazing and so refreshing if you pop this in the fridge before use… perfect to cool you down on a hot day.
  2. Sport Fx primer.. I swear by this stuff its so fantastic! it cools down your face before applying makeup and gives a great base to apply your makeup to. even once you have your makeup on your face still feels as cool a cucumber.
  3. drink lots and lots of water I love putting lemon or cucumber in my water to give it a tasty twist.
  4. cooling eye pads or cold tea bags on the eyes help to cool you down and also helps with puffiness At the moment Im using Orange Pads by Vitamasque.
  5. mix some moisturiser with your foundation this gives you a thinner light coverage foundation and its also much cooler… than wearing a full coverage foundation.

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